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    Binary to text converter

    I have difficulty in reading the contents of the binary file. When I tried to open the .bin file, all I could see were the weird letters as below:

    ︡㭵喾㭑王㫯笯㬱읓㬹뙷㫮潶㭂ᯠ㬓몑㭣膛㮱㮅孛㬺ݺ㲢㶊국㵗龫㶊빈㶩⮵㵯披㳸鱊㳉酸㲮㱷ꌿ㯻되㬩㻬㭕 ⼦㬲좰㬬卞㭄옿㭊韝㭗庺㮓緕㯭묚㰌䟛㵼ዹ㶏混㶙⌅㶏첩㳮呂㲯眶㴲뀈㰔Წ㰣댋㯫偫㮜헒㮕獎㮋菁㮃 糟㮐쬫㮔灛㮩 㰍⻳㰩ꓜ㱩ㇳ㴫萻㶨휙㶩廱㷅⩼㶃迨㴙㴑廀㲮ፑ㳾׊㱃傇㰋ﺃ㯟㯶먘㯁ꅹ㯐⮧㯽㰓л㱂ꘓ㱺跍㲥વ㴎㫶㶍 㷹鍘㸚襉㷗跭㶄傱㵢㯹樌㱙ᅬ㱔⁹㰘䁰㰑䪮㰏崌㰅㰍ૅ㰍⿂㰌랑㱐砫㲇�㲡᝛㳲윁㶞㷨⶧㸸 颡㸅ꏽ㶻ﺈ㷒 ꂳ㯒㰨๣㱠抦㰿㱁㰸㰨㰨應㰤脲㱂秞㱛ԉ㲉㲤ྃ㳔稊㵑⨍㷚儧㸶찅㸜訳㷘ꇷ㸕�㰪㲨䒕㲊鯇㱎ே㱙 鱑㱗蟺㱀㰽뒩㱕뵩㱭̫㲂㖥㲏媖㲦辻㲸鮅㴪붋㷄㸄윱㸚뼌㷏戣㷥禭㴁袅㳓㕿㱙韹㱖♮㱪痭㱙遙㱢 纚㱢蜮㱫ꈛ㱧 �㲂뾛㲉疃㲠௉㲬ࠆ㴌먹㶭俦㷦栆㸏�㷤昬㸳䵸㲻䰠㴟娍㲆㽖㱳쨉㱡각㲁�㱵쨉㱡祀㱜চ㱮树㱬㱡躒㱲쬕㲬겎㳔 幦㶇᠞㶶뫻㷸

    Can anyone help me with some codes to convert them to human readable text? I suppose the file contains floating point numbers.
    Please help.

    Thank you.

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    It's pretty close to impossible to convert the binary to exactly the same text unless you know the structure that was used to create the binary file. In that case just use fread() to obtain data and then write it to another file that uses text.

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    Didn't you just ask this same thing? And didn't they already answer you there?

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