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    struct problems.

    I have a header file and a normal c-file. When trying to compile them I get a few errors. I don't know what to do about them. Here are the files :
    //H_linked_list.h : 
    struct ListNode;
    typedef struct _List {
    	ListNode *first;
    	ListNode *last;
    	int size;
    } List;
    List initList();
    void freeList (List *list);
    void addNode (List *list, void *data);
    void freeNode (List *list, void *data);
    void *getData (ListNode *node);
    ListNode *next (ListNode *node);
    ListNode *prev (ListNode *node)
    ListNode *getFirst (List *list);
    ListNode *getLast (List *list);
    int getSize (List *list);
    //H_linked_list.c : 
    #include "H_linked_list.h"
    typedef struct _ListNode {
    	ListNode *next;
    	ListNode *prev;
    	void *data;
    } ListNode;
    int main(){
    	return 0;

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    typedef struct _List {
    	struct _List *first;
    	struct _List *last;
    	int size;
    } List;
    You must use the tag name of the struct when referring to itself
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