Thread: open() and close()

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    open() and close()

    Hi, all,

    Here i try to open a file, close it, and then try to close it again:

    int fd, result;
    fd = open("myfile", O_RDONLY);
    printf("file descriptor: %d\n", fd);
    result = close(fd);
    printf("first close: %d\n", result);
    result = close(fd);
    printf("second close: %d\n", result);
    The outputs are:
    file descriptor: 9
    first close: 0
    second close: 0

    However as we close the file at the first time, when we close it at the second time, the result returned should be -1 which is an error number. Why it still returns 0?

    Thank you!

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    file descriptor: 3
    first close: 0
    second close: -1

    Which OS and compiler are you using (RH8 and GCC3.2 here)
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    RH9 and GCC3.2


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    Now it runs correctly.


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