Thread: inverse cosine function?

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    inverse cosine function?

    hey all, i searched the forum for this query but came up with nothing...

    what is the source code for: inverse cosine ?

    Is there any bugs in the function i need to be aware of? i.e. any values that must be positive...

    Thanks for any help in advance.


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    Are you actually asking for the source code or do you just want to know the name of the function that calculates the arccosine?

    The acos function is the function used to determine the arc cosine of a value. It accepts a double argument that is in the range of -1 to +1 (inclusive). It returns a double value. To use it, you should include the <math.h> header.
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    In case you want to erite your own function (maybe unlikely but...)
    I suggest you read this and just implement it in code!
    Gotta love the "please fix this for me, but I'm not going to tell you which functions we're allowed to use" posts.
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