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    C or C++

    I'm about to finish my 2nd quarter of C.
    should I do more C or move on to ++?
    I would like to be good at both.

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    i suppose either would help and eventually get you to mastery... but studying it independantly might get you there quicker or more read... seems to be such that the matter of mastery switches from knowing the language, to knowing how to use the language wisely... the more you know the better you are... practice makes perfect... like in sports, it becomes less physical and more mental... etc...
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    Hmm...First finish learning C. When your are done with that, then move on to C++, because it's a lot easier to learn, if you already know C. Then you can take a C++ class a breeze right through the first couple weeks until you get into OOP. Then it might get a bit complicated. Good Luck!
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    At least finish C. It can really come in handy and it's a part of C++ too. I've also noticed that it's best to learn something by using it constantly, so if you enjoy yourself, just keep on going!

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