Thread: Playing sound without internal speaker in C

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    Question Playing sound without internal speaker in C


    Iím making a piano, as a project in Borland Turbo C .It will play tune, can save and load etc .... something like the "Play it" by Microsoft (MS kids)!

    I am using the sound function with various frequencies to play various sounds Öbut its playing them in the internal speaker inside the CPU . My question is ÖIs there any way to play the sound in speaker? How? Please help as soon as possible....

    Thanks in advance !

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    Yeah, you basically read/write the ports where your soundblaster compatible card is located in the I/O port map.

    Of course, working out which port addresses your card is using, and taking account of your particular cards "command set" is the tricky bit.

    Why on earth are you still using that fossil compiler. I mean, if you were using a win32 compiler, you would just use one of the win32 sound API calls, and get on with life.
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