Thread: Trying to compile some source, need hel getting rid of errors.

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    Question Trying to compile some source, need hel getting rid of errors.

    Hi everyone, nice site. I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination... I am actually just a sort-of newish Linux user trying to get a D-Link DWL-AG530 wireless network adapter to work under Fedora Core 3. I have to change the regdomain country code in the eeprom of the card in oreder to use the madwifi drivers for this particular card. Paul Shupak wrote some code (as part of the older ar5k drivers, I beleive) that is supposed to accomplish this, problem is, I cant seem to get it to compile without a ton of syntax errors. Instead of posting the actual code, I will post a link to the message in which it appears. click here
    As I said, I really have not a clue when it comes to C programming, I just want this to work for me... I will attach a txt of the errors I receive when I run: (I took the source and created a file called ar5k.c) # gcc ar5k.c -o ar5k

    Thanks in advance for any and all help. anyone feel free to compile this and attach it to a reply, or email it to me if anyone feels like going that far... If not, I'll muddle thru the tips and tricks and try to get it done, I am learning.. which is good, so thanks for the opportunity as well as any help you folks can give.


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    You probably didn't copy and paste the whole program. There were a couple of problems with it even after I copy and pasted it, but I fixed them up to a compile-able state. Here it is (feel free to rename it )
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    you are a godsend.... Thanks for helping me to save from pulling out my last reamining hairs. Have a good night.

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