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    End of Line character

    I'm scanning in a line of words and need to stop at the end of a line from a data file.

    push this is the first line
    pop 4
    push this is the next line
    pop 21
    push good luck
    push this is the last assignment for the semester
    pop 15

    the first word is what to do with the next set of data. Push words onto a stack, pop a certain number from stack....
    HOw would I find the last word on a line?

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    Read the whole line until the character '\n' is found.
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    Read the whole line from the file and then test (if-else statement) for a ' ' char. Understand?

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    Looking for the last word on the line:

    begin by searching for a space OR a newline, read everything.
    if a newline is hit, this is the last word.
    if a space is hit, set your index variable (usually i) to 0 and set the
    string you used for reading to '\0', like string[0] = '\0'
    continue reading the line

    the string you used should hold the last word of the line
    by using getchar, you can easily read from input and only store the last word

    else you'll have to use another index variable (j perhaps) and never set it to 0, unless the whole line is finished
    for reading from file you'll need fgetc (of course)

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