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    pointer to function

    I need to create a ADT that is non data type specific. To print I was going to point to a function provided by the user that would be specific to his data type. This is for an assingment and I will soon become the "user". Can someone tell me how to define everything so it will jive? I don't understand how to send the pointer to my ADT or how to define the ADT function in the prototype.

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    Here are some bits of information

    #include <stdio.h>
    // forward declaration for structure
    struct my_struct;
    // a pointer to a print function, taking a ptr to an instance
    typedef void (*printfn)( struct my_struct *instance );
    // a structure, containing a ptr to a function to print it
    typedef struct my_struct {
        int     a;
        char    b;      // member variables
        printfn print;  // member functions
    } my_struct;
    void my_print_function ( my_struct *inst ) {
        printf( "%d %c\n", inst->a, inst->b );
    int main ( ) {
        my_struct fred = {
            1, '2', my_print_function
        fred.print( &fred );
        return 0;
    Though it looks to me like C++ would be better for you.

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