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    command line arguements

    this sounds really stupid but looked through my notes several times and cannot find what command line arguements are. could someone give me an example.PLEASE.

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    Command-line arguments are arguments(parameters) passed into the program when it is run from the command prompt (or passed to the program when a file is dragged and dropped onto an executable in Windows for example).

    Let's say you have a program called test.exe and you want to run it with some command-line arguments. At the command prompt you could do something like:

    test foo.txt bar.txt

    ... where foo.txt and bar.txt are the two command-line arguments passed into the program.
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    Provided you're in the correct directory where your exe is located. So adding onto simplification where hk_mp5kpdw left, (for Windows)
    say your exe named test.exe is stored in C-drive and screamer folder. Then you first go to the command-prompt(some still call it DOS prompt) and then go to the c:\screamer folder and then do what mp5kpdw suggested.

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    Incase you knew that and you actually needed a programming example, here it is:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
      /* If arguments have been passed */
      if (argc > 0){
        /* Prints 1st argument in argv[1] (argv[0] is the name of the .exe file) */
        printf("Hello, %s\n",argv[1]);
        /* If no arguments were passed... */
        printf("Anybody out there?\n");
      return 0;

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