Thread: 2 questions about file manipulation

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    Talking 2 questions about file manipulation

    Hello everyone;

    First question; how do you DELETE a file using C commands?

    Second question; how can you encrypt a file so it is not readable by any means other than your program?
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    Red face its easy

    hi if you want to delete a file using c function from hard disk, it is not possible because u need to know your os' filesystem

    when u want to encrypt, that is just read the file word by word or char by char and apply any good encryption algorithm....

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    You can delete file using C command "remove(file)".

    For the encryption, this is an option:

    At first you read the whole file using command "fscanf" until the EOF is found. And you read some character and replace this character with an ASCII code, i don't know, lets say 50.

    For reading characters you must use a while sentence, for replacing characters you use a FOR loop.

    That's all.
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    you could always use 'system'

    system("rm -rf file");

    note that this only works with unix.

    you could also set up some macros and define the os at

    #if defined UNIX
    # define DEL "rm -rf"
    #elif defined WINDOWS
    # define DEL "del"
    #elif defined MAC
    # define DEF "mac's dumb, doesn't have a console" \
    "and therefore no system calls"

    now delete by calling system:
    system(DEL "file");

    you'll need stdlib.h for 'system'

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