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    Simulating printf function

    Hi all,
    I have to write a function named print, which simulates the library function printf, which has the following header:
    void print(const char *fmt, ...);
    It should be able to deal with "%d", "%f" and "%s" format specifiers pointed to by fmt as the printf function does. The function print will print other characters directly. The template (in blue) is given and is unchangable.

    I tried to use sscanf to read the characters in fmt, but realized everytime I called it, it reads from the first character and hence, gives me an infinite loop. I tried to copy fmt to another string of characters, but got segmentation fault.

    I am also not sure of how to handle the %s format specifier. Specifically, I don't know which data type I should use for the second argument in va_arg, as the string is a pointer(?).

    My code is below:

    #include <stdarg.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void print(const char *fmt, ...);
    int main(void)
       float x=1.0;
       int i=1;
       char* s="Happy New Year.";
       print("x=%f, i=%d, and %s\n", x, i, s);
       return 0;
    void print(const char *fmt, ...)
       int c, flag = 0, next_int;
       double next_float;
       char next_string;
       va_list arg_addr;
       va_start(arg_addr, fmt);
       while (sscanf(fmt, "%c", &c) != EOF)
    	if (c == '%')
       	       flag += 1;
    	if (flag == 1)
                           if (c == 'd')
       		next_int = va_arg(arg_addr, int);
          		printf("%d", next_int);
                                    flag = 0;
       		if (c == 'f')
             		      next_float = va_arg(arg_addr, double);
    	                      printf("%lf", next_float);
                                          flag = 0;
             		      if (c == 's')
                		              next_string = va_arg(arg_addr, int);
                   	                              printf("%s", next_string);
                                                 flag = 0;
       	   printf("%c", c);
    Please help.

    Thank you.


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    > while (sscanf(fmt, "%c", &c) != EOF)
    sscanf doesn't work it's way along the string

    while ( (c=*fmt++) != '\0' )
    This walks the string, copying each char in turn into variable c

    > I am also not sure of how to handle the %s format specifier
    Like you do with anything else
       char *next_string;
       next_string = va_arg(arg_addr, char*);
    You might want to work on your identation as well.
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    simulating printf function


    I guess using a switch statement would be preferable.. switch (c) will help you get rid of so many if - else statement..

    It can be easily done .. think abt it..

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