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    Creating Dynamic Structure in C

    I want to create a DBMS package in C. Now what problem I am
    facing that I am creating a .DBF file structure at runtime and storing it in a file (say EMP.DBF) . This file contains the Field names, field types and Field Width. Now the structure may be
    anything. say (for Student, Employee, Airlines) with different structure. Now I need C code to know how to create a dynamic structure which will be created by reading the file structure stored in the file and to maintain a concerned linked list for DML.

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    Some thoughts
    typedef enum {
    } data_et;
    typedef struct field_st_tag {
        char                *fieldName;
        data_et              dataType;
        struct field_st_tag *next;
    } field_st;
    typedef struct data_st_tag {
        struct field_st_tag *field; /* what describes this field */
        union {
            int     iValue;
            char   *sValue;
            double  dValue;
        } u;                        /* all possible data types */
        struct data_st_tag  *next;  /* the next field */
    } data_st;
    typedef struct data_row_st_tag {
        struct data_st_tag      *row;   /* first field on this row */
        struct data_row_st_tag  *next;  /* the next row */
    } data_row_st;
    So you would read the file, and create a linked list of fields.
    For StudentName:string, StudentAge:int, you would allocate and initialise
    two nodes of a linked list
    { "StudentName", isString },
    { "StudentAge", isInt }

    You would then read the data file one record at a time, and then walk
    your fields list to decide what type each record field should be.
    Allocate a data_st and initialise it with the correctly converted result.

    Use data_row_st to build up a linked list of linked lists of all your data.
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