Thread: Comment using // or /* &&& */

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    Comment using // or /* &&& */

    Hello All,

    As per I know, C support two types of code commenting techniques.

    Block comment
    /* */

    and line comment

    I heard that while developing the code and if we want to comment, it is better to use block comment instead of line comment as line comments are not supported by some compiler.

    Is this true?

    Please let me know....

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    // comments are from C++, and lately, from C99. Therefore, if your compiler doesn't support the C99 standard, you should use /* */. If you have a newer C99 compatible compiler, you're allowed to use the newer style.

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    Ever see this issue with gcc?

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    >Ever see this issue with gcc?

    Enforce the old standard and you can see it yourself: -std=c89.
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