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    anybody please answer this question

    Consider a student database with following entries:

    Roll_No (format IITG roll_no. and unique)
    Name (may have many words, like first name, last name etc.)
    branch (branch available in IITG)
    Hostel Name (IITG Hostel Name)
    Date of Birth
    Year of joining at IITG

    Write a menu based C program for performing operation such as ADD, DELETE, SEARCH, MODIFY, DISPLAY, EXIT etc on student file.

    NOTE :
    a) For ADD operation take records from user and store it in an array/structure. After taking the input, display information regarding validity like hostel name etc. and prompt user for saving it. If yes then save it to data file else delete the record.
    b) SEARCH operation can be performed based on any fields.
    c) When you perform search based on some criteria, all the records macthing the criteria should be displayed.

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    Same rules as applies to them applies to you as well.

    When you've made some reasonable attempt at actually doing more than just dumping your assignment on the board, feel free to start another thread with your code and actual questions.
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