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    Unhappy Please help with ASCII

    Is there a function to convert a character to its ASCII equivalent and assign it to a variable? or is there some other method..??

    I know I can assign a character to an integer variable and get its ascii, but I can't do it with an input of a character variable.

    Please help if you can.

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    I never heard about such a function, but this should do the trick:
    int num1;
    char num2='a';
    num1 = num2;
    now num1 holds the value: 97

    also, read about printf(), %d, %c and how to use them!!!
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    You *might* try the function called atoi()...

    But realistically, it's already a value. if you create a 'char' variable, and it the letter 'g' is input into it (or assigned by you, for that matter), your computer does _not_ remember 'g'... it remembers the ASCII value.

    A char is a signed value from 0 to 127 (in ASCII). an unsigned char is a value from 0 to 255 (in ASCII), which is the maximum range an 8-bit value can hold.

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    Emphasis on *might*. The reason we say you might be able to use it is that atoi() doesn't take a character. It takes a string as an argument.

    That being said, you cannot simply pass it a single character and expect it to work. You'll have to convert it to a string first.

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    What Devil Panther replied is called cast!

    You can also turn it around:
    char a=32;
    and the result is the character '"'.

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