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    hi people.
    I'm with one duvid.
    this ask if about the function __fpurge(FILE *STREAM);
    is secure use this function to clear buffer?
    if yes, then anyone can use him in your codes, because simplify the code to clear buffer, instead to type ten lines codes...this function cut the work of programmer.
    if any know about this function pls anserme.

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    Well, if you look at the man page you would see:
           These functions are nonstandard  and  not  portable.   The
           function  fpurge()  was  introduced  in BSD 4.4 and is not
           available under Linux.  The function __fpurge() was intro..
           duced  in  Solaris,  and  is  present  in glibc 2.1.95 and
    So it's not a good idea to use it if you want portable code.

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