Thread: which compiler did u use?

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    which compiler did u use?

    I learned c program.there are some different c I do not know which I can use.please give some advices.Thank U.

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    the c compliers which i suggest is GCC compiler which is aviabalbe free. and it the standard compiler. or u can use DEV-C++ which also avaibale free on the net. which isery good. you can get more informaton about the compilers from the compiler link from the main page of of this site.


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    Dev C++ would be good.

    Personally , i work with Visual C++ 6.0 and i love it. (you need to buy it though)
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    thank u.and. can I use c in the c++ compiler?

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    Dev C++ uses Minigw, which is a port so to speak of the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) and some of the GNU basic programs. Dev supports both C and C++ projects/files, and will use the proper command for the compiler. gcc for c and g++ for c++

    I like using Dev C++ in windows, but just in case you wanted to see what Microsoft has, their Visual C++ studio express 2005 beta is a free download for every one, so if you wanted to could check that out too.
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