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    Entering specific data

    Ok newbie here. I got a question. I'm trying to write a program that reads a string from someone and gives an if-then-else result. Here's what I've done, can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?
    PHP Code:

    #include <stdio.h>

    void main(void)
    char name;                //input variable
    char f;                //input variable
    char lname;                //input variable
    char mname;            //input variable

    printf ("What is your First Name?");

        if (
    f=="fantim") || (== "Fantim") || (== "FANTIM"))
    printf ("What is your middle name?");
    scanf ("%d", &mname);
            if ((
    mname == "mi") || (mname == "Mi") || (mname =="MI"))
    printf ("What is your last name?");
    scanf ("%d", &lname); 
    Of corse this isn't where the code stops, but this is where my problems are coming in.

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    1) void main is not valid. Please check the FAQ for details
    2) You can't compare a single character to a string literal.
    3) Fix your indentation

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