Thread: FILE:string seaching how many times occur

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    Thumbs up FILE:string seaching how many times occur

    Here is my code I tried to count occurence of string "01.01."in FILE .
    There is no output coming,it shows blank window. Please guide me regarding this.


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    1) void main() is incorrect. it should be int main(void)
    2) what you are doing is
    str1 and str2 are the starting addresses of the array elements and cannot be equal
    use strcmp() for comparing the strings
    3)strcpy() is used incorrectly in your code. strcpy is defined as
         char *strcpy(char*temp,const char *src)
    it will copy the string src to temp
    4) what are you trying to do with fseek() ?? you are positioning the pointer to the end of file rite at the start..that wont do.
    5) clrscr() is nonportable..check the faq for ways to clear the screen
    6) getch() is defined in conio.h so include that header.
    7) strcpy() and strcmp() are defined in string.h so include that as well.
    8) dont forget to change void main() to int main (void)

    edit: as quzah pointed out, i missed the "=" sign in the if() statement..
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    Just to add..
    > strcpy(str2,fp);
    Use fgets to read a line from a file. Simply referring to fp here doesn't cause the file to be read.

    Also, even for such a small program, your indentation is poor.

    > char str2[6];
    You could never store a valid string in that array which would ever match char str1[]="01.01.";
    because it's at least one character too short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PING
    2) what you are doing is
    str1 and str2 are the starting addresses of the array elements and cannot be equal
    You've missed the error here where they're using the assignment operator instead of the comparison operator. If they were in fact trying to compare the two addresses (which is allowable) then they should be using == and not =

    That's actually the only "error" in that code. And if in fact those are the names of arrays, their compiler would be telling them this. I'd suggest the origional poster pay attention to their compiler's warnings and errors. If they aren't getting any, then I'd suggest turning them on.

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