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    C89 and C99

    What are the major differences between C98 and C99? the ones i know so far are :

    C89 :
    - Only /* */ comments are allowed
    - Variables must be declared at the top of each function.

    C99 :
    - Both /* */ and // comments are allowed.
    - Variables can be declared any where within a function.
    - 5 new keywords :
    restrict _Bool _Complex _Imaginary inline

    are there more differences? and what standard does C++ use?
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    From the C99 Foreward:
    This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, ISO/IEC 9899:1990, as amended and corrected by ISO/IEC 9899/COR1:1994, ISO/IEC 9899/AMD1:1995, and ISO/IEC 9899/COR2:1996. Major changes from the previous edition include:
    restricted character set support via digraphs and <iso646.h> (originally specified in AMD1)
    wide character library support in <wchar.h> and <wctype.h> (originally specified in AMD1)
    more precise aliasing rules via effective type
    restricted pointers
    variable-length arrays
    flexible array members
    static and type qualifiers in parameter array declarators
    complex (and imaginary) support in <complex.h>
    type-generic math macros in <tgmath.h>
    the long long int type and library functions
    increased minimum translation limits
    additional floating-point characteristics in <float.h>
    remove implicit int
    reliable integer division
    universal character names (\u and \U)
    extended identifiers
    hexadecimal floating-point constants and %a and %A printf/scanf conversion specifiers
    compound literals
    designated initializers
    // comments
    extended integer types and library functions in <inttypes.h> and <stdint.h>
    remove implicit function declaration
    preprocessor arithmetic done in intmax_t/uintmax_t
    mixed declarations and code
    new block scopes for selection and iteration statements
    integer constant type rules
    integer promotion rules
    macros with a variable number of arguments
    the vscanf family of functions in <stdio.h> and <wchar.h>
    additional math library functions in <math.h>
    floating-point environment access in <fenv.h>
    IEC 60559 (also known as IEC 559 or IEEE arithmetic) support
    trailing comma allowed in enum declaration
    %lf conversion specifier allowed in printf
    inline functions
    the snprintf family of functions in <stdio.h>
    boolean type in <stdbool.h>
    idempotent type qualifiers
    empty macro arguments
    new struct type compatibility rules (tag compatibility)
    additional predefined macro names
    _Pragma preprocessing operator
    standard pragmas
    _ _func_ _ predefined identifier
    VA_COPY macro
    additional strftime conversion specifiers
    LIA compatibility annex
    deprecate ungetc at the beginning of a binary file
    remove deprecation of aliased array parameters
    conversion of array to pointer not limited to lvalues
    relaxed constraints on aggregate and union initialization
    relaxed restrictions on portable header names
    return without expression not permitted in function that returns a value (and vice versa)
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    A free copy of the last draft version of C99
    It has a list of major differences.

    For C to C++ differences.

    > and what standard does C++ use?
    The current one is C++98, which only takes into account what is in C89.
    A revised C++ standard MAY take into account some of the new things added in C99
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    - Variables must be declared at the top of each function.
    Variables in C89 can actually be declared at the beginning of any code block. The following is valid C89:
    int main(void)
      int a = 5;
        int b;
        b = 7;
      // Can't see b here
      return 0;
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    And i thought there were only a few changes

    Thanks alot Dave , Salem and itsme86
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    itsme86, I had no idea you could do that! Thanks a lot.

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