Thread: Executing a function only once when pressing a key

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    Executing a function only once when pressing a key

    I have a function that checks if a key is pressed using GetKeyState (), and writes it into a structure.
    I also have a function which checks that structure, and starts a function depending on which key-combination you press.
    Both functions are located in the main loop.

    For most of the actions, the function has to be called all the time while the keys are pressed (like when you press the upArrow key to move in a FPS)

    But for some actions it is necessary that the function is only called once when the key-combination is pressed. (like when you shoot a gun in a FPS, you don't want to fire 60 bullets per second (depending on your framerate) )

    So far I haven't found a solution to do this yet.
    It would be best if the windowProcedure isn't required to do this since it gives problems in fullscreen mode.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to track the up/down state of each key as well.

    For example, moving happens while the key is pressed.

    Shooting happens once for each down/up transition.
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