Thread: HTML page split into files in c

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    HTML page split into files in c

    Hi to all,
    I am going to implement the HTML page contains no of paragraphs to no of files each page should create individual folder.that contains the files ie paragraphs of the html page.suppose the page contains 3 paragraphs-it should create 3 files and placed in the folder .Suppose I have 1500 pages I need to copy and paste each page into each folder and each paragraph into each file.I dont know how many pages are there and how many paragraphs are there .
    I need to implement the through C language ,In Files Handling ,Please suggest me regarding this .How we can implement this through C files
    Thanx in advance.
    Igreately appreciate your responses.

    Munisamy Subramaniam

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    > I need to implement the through C language
    Why C?

    I can think of much better languages for all this text handling than C
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    Yeah, perl would be a much better choice for this sort of project. If you insist on doing it in C, then get very comfortable with the functions in <string.h>

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