Thread: fseek high cpu usage?

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    fseek high cpu usage?

    hi there:

    just a quick question.

    i have been working on this code which reads a file that contains information about each frame for animation (blm files). my code is controled my a GUI(slider) and then uses fseek() to locate the frame to be read. a bit like a scraching.

    my questions is that, does fseek() eats a lot of cpu power? for example, i tried to cahnge the slider value continusly and the cpu power went stright up.

    many many thanks


    my code looks like this:

    static void blinkenlights_goto(t_blinkenlights* x, t_float frame)
     //where the frame comes from the GUI range 0->1
    // where x->framge_pos[] is any array which remembers the position
    // if each frame in the file x->filed
     char *lineread = (char*) getbytes( BL_MAX_LENGTH );
     int current_frame = x->frame_pos[(int)(frame * (x->frame_no-1))];
     int i, n; 
     if(frame < 0) post("no negtive numbers, please...");
     // this is the line that i think is eatting up my cpu!!!!!!
     fseek(x->x_filed, current_frame, SEEK_SET);
     for(i=0; ;i++)
      fgets(lineread, BL_MAX_LENGTH, x->x_filed );
      if ( (lineread[0] == '\n')) break;
      for(n=0; n<(strlen(lineread)-1); n++)
       if(lineread[n] == '0')blinkenlights_pixoff( x, n+1, i+1);
        else blinkenlights_pixon( x, n+1, i+1);
        //if(lineread[n] == '0')blinkenlights_pixoff( x, n+1, i+1);
        //else blinkenlights_pixon( x, n+1, i+1);
     //fseek( x->x_filed, 0L, SEEK_SET );
     if ( lineread ) freebytes( lineread, BL_MAX_LENGTH );

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    > char *lineread = (char*) getbytes( BL_MAX_LENGTH );
    char lineread[BL_MAX_LENGTH];
    Is just as good, and there's no need to free it.
    There's also no need for a NULL allocation check (which you omitted).

    Check out my use of RDTSC here

    Calling strlen() in a loop is bad - there was a thread about that just recently.

    My guess is, the performance has little to do with the actual fseek, and more to do with the fgets and pixel bashing going on.
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    thanks for your reaply, i will look into it and will be back later



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