Thread: how to use malloc for array of strings

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    how to use malloc for array of strings

    Hi all,

    how do i use malloc to allocate memory for an array of strings?

    can i write the code like this?
    char *line = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char) * 100 * 100);
    line[0] = "how";
    line[1] = "are";
    line[2] = "you";


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    First of all, typecasting the return value of malloc() is unnecessary. Secondly, you'll want line to be a pointer to a pointer of type char. Then you set line equal to enough allocated memory to hold the number of strings you want multiplied by the size of a pointer.
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    If you want a hundred strings, then you need a hundred pointers. So you allocated that many pointers. Then you go through and loop and allocated space for each string.

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    Your method will not produce the results you are wanting.

    Essentially here is what you now have in memory.

    Line []=
    howareyou......................................... ...........->((100x100)-9 bytes)

    Of course "how are you" would be in hex but you get the point. There is a way to properly store all strings in one huge linear array rather than using multiple indirection or a 2D array.
    Write a function that will append the null terminator to the end of a string. Put this string into array at the correct offset.

    Note that by doing this you will still run into trouble using the C library of functions for manipulating strings. Those functions will only test this string: "how" since the null terminator would be at the end of how. Also printf() would only print "how".

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