Thread: Newbee To C With Lccwin32 (Need Wedit HELP?)

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    Newbee To C With Lcc-win32 (Need Wedit HELP?)

    Hello Everyone! I just found your Fantabulous Site and I really need some tutoring! I'm pretty good with HTML (Been operating Frontpage 2002 for a couple years) and MS-DOS Commands and so I had no problem getting started on the Console or Windows Application Dialog/Design...My question(s) is/are just how to properly begin the process of orientation with Compiling, Arguments, Objects, Resources, and especially Linker, etc...If someone could give me a reply with a real simple crash course 'Demo Build' it sure would help! I've got the fairly massive Lcc-win32 User Manual that I downloaded with the Program and have been more or less leafing through it. If I could get someone to put it into more 'Layman-Like' terms I would find it much easier to decipher...By the way the Image Editor that comes with Lcc-win32 is not the greatest for making .ico's (Icons) and such but there is a really decent one out there that's 'Freeware' called PixelToolbox from Axiomx Multimedia ('Click On' This Link to Access!) Sincerely...Theorematics
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    What exactly are you having problems with?
    i don't think most standard compilers support programmers with more than 4 red boxes - Misplaced

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    How about you stop capitalising every word.

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    What exactly are you having problems with?
    The process of taking a program from source code to an executable - including linking in libraries, etc... I understand the question, perhaps because I spent several years wandering myself, because I had never seen it explained.

    Until you've learnt more of the language, I would suggest you get a more newby-friendly compiler. I recommend Dev-C++. It's a free download from It's a very popular IDE, and since everything is integrated, much of this confusing stuff is quite hidden.

    Much of the process is compiler-dependant, and I've never worked with LCC-WIN32 for very long, so I'm afraid I can't help you much beyond this point. If you can't find a satisfactory answer here, I suggest you look at their documentation.

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