Thread: Problem with strlen()

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    Problem with strlen()

    typedef struct robot {
     char *name;
     struct robot *next;
    } robot;
    robot *t;
    If i print (t->name) the result is correct but if i want the strlen
    (t->name) i have a memory fault


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    You need to give name some room to point to. Like this
    t-> name = malloc(512 * sizeof(char));
    /* then */
    strcpy(t->name, "robot name");
    then strlen() should work and printing it will too. Be sure to check return values also.
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    i doubt that it will give you the correct result with printing t->name.. the reason is that
    1) you are not initializing the pointer name with any string.
    2) if you are initializing it, then i guess that strlen should not give you any problems with it, it should work.
    3) you also need to point 't' to a struct variable. otherwise, if it is not pointing to something, the program will crash, otherwise, if you dont want it to point to something, then you can go in for dynamic allocation of memory as chrismiceli said. but make sure that there is memory allocated for name, else the program will crash. with all this done, strlen should work.
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