Thread: something about binary numbers in c

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    something about binary numbers in c

    Hi, i was thinking about creating a program that would return to me the way the computer stores the data, however, it must be using binary code.

    i am not quite sure, i believe it first transforms the data ino a number and then to a binary, however it's a bit confusing.

    for example I have

    char b;


    I would like the user to know how the computer stores than 'a' as a binary numb.

    If someone knows, please help me,


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    This is quite a common project - search the boards for a while and you'll find several threads along the same lines. You'll be sure to find some posts detailing algorithms for finding the individual binary bits. It requires that you're comfortable with some of the lesser-used operators in C, so make sure you're comfortable with topics like bit shifting and masking before giving this a serious attempt. Good luck!

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