Thread: Question on Structures in C - a different one

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    Question on Structures in C - a different one

    I have executed the following program

    #include <stdio.h>
    struct test
         int a,b,c;
    struct test testObj;
        testObj.a = 100;
        testObj.b = 200;
        testObj.c = 300;
        printf("%d %d %d \n", testObj, testObj, testObj);
        return 0;
    The output was - 100 200 300.

    I was expecting ouput as - 100 100 100.

    Can anyone explain why the output is like this?
    I tried looking into the assembly code for the same program and I found that before a call to printf the elements are pushed into the stack as following

    When I replaced the printf statement with the following one
        printf("%d %d %d \n", testObj, testObj, testObj.b);
    still I got the same o/p (even the assembly was also the same).

    Is it related to the compiler?
    Pointers please.....


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    No, it's related to your code being wrong.

    %d expects an integer (testObj.a) not a copy of a structure (testObj)

    That it apparently prints anything remotely sensible is luck, not judgement.

    I suggest you get a copy of gcc (or one of it's wrapper IDEs like DEV-C++) and use the -Wall compiler option to debug your mis-use of printf.
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    i run the codes get the same results
    can you tell why ???

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    Try reading once in a while, and stop with the nonsensical posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacific
    i run the codes get the same results
    can you tell why ???
    printf("%d %d %d \n", testObj, testObj, testObj);
    every parameter passed to printf, even though they are not ints as they should be, the same 4 bytes (or sizeof(int)) is being printed from the begining of the structure.

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    Don't waste your time sand_man , he's just posting to raise his post count.
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