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    Unknown Math Function


    Alright, right now, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do a little math problem with doubles.

    I need to divide two real numbers, and take the fractional remainder of the two numbers (without the integer), and proceed to manipulate that... (Using variables)

    So, for example, if I were to evaluate the simple expression:

    268 / 6.82

    It would yield an answer of: 39.296187683284

    I need to take the .296187683284, and manipulate that, but I will need to later print the 39.
    Of course, I thought to evaluate the 268 / 6.82 as both an int and a double, and then subtract them from one another, but as you know, the int would round up if it were .5 and above. Sure, I've tried using the % function, but, as you know, it only works when both operands are ints.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Is there some sort of other function I could use?


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    Try this
    double modf(double x, double *iptr);

    The modf() function breaks the argument x into an integral part and a
    fractional part, each of which has the same sign as x. The integral
    part is stored in iptr.
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