Thread: Linked list trouble

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    Linked list trouble

    I'm getting a seg fault and I can't work out why.

    int add_node(void){
      struct list *temp;
      // Go to end of list
      current = &head;
          current = current->next;
      else return 1;
      // Allocate memory
      temp = malloc(sizeof(struct list));
        return 1;
      temp->next = NULL;
      //current->next = temp;    /* This line gives me the seg fault */
      return 0;
    It looks good to me but it's late and I can't work out why this isn't working. If more code is needed, just ask.

    nevermind, I fixed it. (I seem to do this a lot dont I?)
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    current is null

    The reason for your error is because you are looping through current while there is a current. Therefore, it will be null after the loop finishes. You need to keep a pointer to the last thing prior to it going null. Lastly, you should check that current is valid prior to attempting an assignment.

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    penney is right. If you want to go to the end of the list you must use loop like this:
    while ( current->next )
           current = current->next; 
    What are you trying is to dereference null pointer and that is seg fault!

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