Thread: Position FILE pointer to a specified line of Text file

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    Position FILE pointer to a specified line of Text file

    Hi there,

    I am trying to read certain lines from a hugh text file. Each line has an line index number and a second number which is what I want to extract.

    I know which lines I want, is there a way to locate the FILE pointer directly to the lines? It takes way too long if I read in each line from the beginning and try to find the one I need because the text file is huge.

    Thanks a lot!


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    You can't. fseek doesn't work with text files correctly. Loop through readind characters or lines at a time until you end up where it is you want to be.

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    Well if you read the file once (using fgets to read a line), and call ftell() before you call fgets(), then you can create an array of file positions corresponding to the start of each line.

    You can then use this record of stored ftell() positions in fseek() calls.
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