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    Unhappy a Movement doubt in an array

    Hi, I would like to know if someone knows how can i move through an array by using the arrow keys, for example my array is
    a{2, 3, 5, 64, 7, 34}
    and the display is 2

    them when the user press the right aroow key it automaticaly moves to the second element of the list (so I can modify it if I want) and it prints 3

    right arrow key again and it prints 5, then, left arrow and it prints 3, etc

    i have been told that I should use the ASCII code and getchar(), however i really have no Idea how to make it work.


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    I think that using a ASC table you can get the code of the imput you get from the keyboard using something like a getchar then all you need is a switch. Meybe there are more intelligent or easier ways, but I was the first thing that came up to my mind. Go google and look for a ASCII Table

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    I believe you're looking for getch(). getch() will return a numerical value based on the keyboard key that was hit. I believe, however, that with the arrow keys, it returns two values.

    So, if you press an arrow key, I believe the first call to getch() will return a 224, whereas the second call returns the numerical value of the arrow'll have to do some testing of this on your own, something like so:

    int key=getch();
    // process the arrow keys here....and some other buttons
    // process the other keys here
    I can't remember exactly if 224 is actually the number that it returns for the arrow don't quote on me on that, but at least test it out.

    forgot about the's 224 not 227. Sorry bout that, haven't used getch in ages.
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    The FAQ has a pretty good article on your problem here.

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    Ok i'll read the FAQ and also try the getch, thanks.

    Any other Ideas will be also really apreciated

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