Thread: i fail to call values of structure variable in another function

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    i fail to call values of structure variable in another function


    I fail to call the values of a structure variable in the function OpenBoard and there it goes into starvation.

    Could you help me how do i assign the given values .
    I clear my point here with the following lines of code.

    TBoardParam BoardParam;

    1. TBoardParam is a structure with the variable BoardParam.
    2. The BoardParam is assigned some values in the function UpdateBoardParams()
    3. The function OpenBoard is then called which Opens the Board with BoardId and as according to
    BoarParam values. But i find the problem here.

    When i debug, i see the values of BoardParams in UdateBoardParams(),
    i.e pBoardParam->TrunkConfig[0].ProtocolType =PROTOCOL_TYPE_E1_EXTRA_30;
    But when the control again is passed to OpenBoard() it shows the error like
    CXX0030: Error: expression cannot be evaluated

    /* trFunction: OpenBoard(). */
    /* Does all the necessary work to open the board. */
    /*The function returns the BoardHanlde after it has beenopened*/
    /* successfully. */
    /************************************************** */

    acTBoardHandle OpenBoard()

    TBoardParam BoardParam;
    // TBoardParam is a structure type
    // Thevalues to the structure variable BoardParam is assigned here
    BoardId = 0;
    BoardHandle = OpenBoard(BoardId,&BoardParam);
    // OpenBoard is a function that takes 2 parameters
    // 1. BoardId 2. BoardParam values
    void UpdateBoardParams( TBoardParam * pBoardParam)
    pBoardParam->TrunkConfig[0].ProtocolType =PROTOCOL_TYPE_E1_EXTRA_30;
    pBoardParam->TrunkConfig[0].TraceLevel =FULL_ISDN_TRACE;
    pBoardParam->TrunkConfig[0].DChConfig =DCH_CONFIG_BACKUP;


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