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    Unhappy Pointers and Structures

    Hello, back again with some pointer and structure issues. I want to read in some text and the (in an already completed function) manipulate the text to be bold .
    I have been able to read in and pass the text using (string.h) library and gets function. However, I want to take that string thats read in and repoint my next statement (do you want it bold?) so I only read in text once and manipulate it.

    struct rec
    char txt[100]; /* Text variable */
    char bold[100]; /* Bold variable */
    char uline[100]; /* Underline Variable */
    char italics[100]; /* Italics Variable */

    /* prototype */

    struct rec inputA; /* Define Structures */

    /* a pointer to a structure */
    struct rec *st_ptr;

    /* Begin Phase 2 */

    st_ptr = &inputA;
    /* point the pointer to rec structure */

    printf("\nPlease Enter some text: ");
    gets( inputA.txt);


    // Process text?
    printf("\nDo you want text to be bold?[1/0] ");
    scanf("%d", &response);

    if(response == YES){
    //* Assign value of text to bold address *//

    *(st_ptr) == inputA.bold;
    puts("Text will be Bold");

    //I then call the function


    Obviously I am missing some code here, I can provide if it helps.

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    > //* Assign value of text to bold address *//
    > *(st_ptr) == inputA.bold;

    Um. No. This is entirely wrong.

    First off, "==" is not an assignment operator.
    Second, if it were, you'd be assigning a value to "st_prt", not to "inputA.bold".
    Third, you can't assign string values that way.

    Read up on how to use strcpy, or it's safer companion, strncpy.

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