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    clearing the screen

    hello guys,

    i was just wondering of what is the best way of clearing the screen. when i went through the faq it tell me thats lost mnay ways to clear the screen. but as the 'C' language is machine independent what is the best way to clear the user screen. and it also said that not use system() which is not a good practive for celearing a screen with the paramter as cls or clear command into the system function. and they have also said that to use the clrscr() which windows console function which dosent work in my system ( i use DEv-c++).

    any help will appreciated

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    Yes, the C language is machine independant. However, as you may or may not know, screens are not "machine independant". So how on earth could there be a standard way to clear the screen?

    And why in the hell is there yet another thread on this topic?

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    Dev-C++ FAQ
    12. I am having problems using Borland specific functions such as clrscr()

    Include conio.h to your source, and add C:\Dev-C++\Lib\conio.o to "Further Object Files" in Project Options (where C:\Dev-C++ is where you installed Dev-C++)

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