Thread: can any one tell what this code is:

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    can any one tell what this code is:

    can any one tell me what this code is, i am not able to understand
    i can only get the the first 4 line that they are defining a sturcture of type node for a linked list. after that can any one help me oout to under stand why it is defined so

    [tag]struct node {
    int rec;
    int key;
    node *next;

    node ( int r, int k, node *n )
    : rec ( r )
    , key ( k )
    , next ( n )

    thanks very much in advance

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    It's C++ code. It's assigning the values in the constructor to variables in the structure itself. The argument 'r' gets assigned to 'rec', the argument 'k' gets assigned to 'key', and 'n' to 'next'.

    Replace the word 'tag' with 'code' for code tags. Also consider using the 'preview' button to see what your post will look like. Or, go back and edit it when it's obviously wrong.

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    thanks very much, and very sorry about the tag

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