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    i wrote this program to fill the screen with 2000 copies of single of character, by acces the address of memory on video memory
    but this program does not work plz

    here is the code...

    #define LENGTH 2000
    void main(void)
    int far *farptr;
    int position;
    char ch;
    printf("\nType character to start, type again to change");
    farptr= (int far *) 0XB800000L;
    while((ch=getch()) != '\r')
    for(position=0; position<LENGTH; position++)
    *(farptr + position)= (int)ch | 0x0700;

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    Please use [code][/code]Tags

    Unless your OS is really DOS (not some emulation in say XP), then it isn't going to work.

    It's been at least a decade since anyone did any serious work with such old compilers, perhaps it's time you upgraded.
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