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    Very confused

    I'm looking at K&R right now, and I just realized I've been wondering something for quite a while now.

    In the functions chapter, they outline a reverse Polish calculator which uses the following code to determine if a number is a digit or not:

    #include  <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #include "calc.h"
    #define MAXOP 100
    #define NUMBER '0'
    int main(void)
    int type;
    double op2;
    char s[MAXOP];
    while((type = getop(s)) != EOF){
    		case NUMBER:
    		case '+':
    				push(pop() + pop());
    		case '*':
    				push(pop() * pop());
    		case '-':
    				op2 = pop();
    				push(pop() - op2);
    		case '/':
    				op2 = pop();
    				if(op2 != 0.0)
    					    push(pop() / op2);
    					    printf("Error: zero divisor!\n");
    		case '\n':
    				printf("\t%.8g\n", pop());
    		case 'q':
    				return 0;
    			    printf("Error: unknown command %s.\n", s);
    This isn't all the code, but it's enough to see what I want to know: basically, how does
    define NUMBER 100
    signal that a number has been found? I am not sure how comparing type to NUMBER would ever return true unless type was equal to 0 anyway.
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    If you assume that getop() reads in a string, and returns either an operator (eg '+') or the value which is in NUMBER, depending on what was typed in.

    In short, look at the code for getop(), or read about it if it's some predefined function.
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    Oh, right... I totally missed that somehow. Prolly because I've been trying to read this book straight through without writing any code to practice, because I can't make Linux work properly at the moment.

    On that subject, anyone know where I can get shell/compiler access, without HUGE(>1 second) command delays?
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    >>anyone know where I can get shell/compiler access, without
    >>HUGE(>1 second) command delays?
    You mean from a C program? Calling a system command processor will always be slower than you'd like because it has to make external requests to the environment. However, you may find that nonportable functions like exec* or spawn* are faster at it than the standard system function.

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