Thread: function with pointers (sort of)

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    function with pointers (sort of)

    If I have a line:

    head = insert(head, temp);
    and the insert function to which it refers is:

    Pnt *insert(Pnt *list, Pnt *element)
       element->next = list;
       return (element);
    Is there a quick way to amalgamate the code so I just have 1 line and no seperate function?

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    temp->next = head;
    head = temp;

    Although the function doesn't make a terrible amount of sense. Something to do with a linked list?

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    Yes it is a linked list.

    The little function that I want to amalgamate into the big one is for joining one list with another list. I have it all working as it is now, but I wish to eliminate that function because it is so small. Yet when I tried various things it stopped working.

    Ah yes you are right SMurf, that does work. Thankyou

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    That's very poor design. You don't simply eliminate functionality because it's "too small". Small functions are good. No one wants to read a 500 line function just because it's "big". The idea is actually to break everything down into very small steps, using functions that do one job and do it correctly. Rather than one massive function that tries to do everything at once. No one wants to read that tihs.

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    There's no lower limit for sensible function sizes. Just break the code into logical chunks. Here's one of mine:
    void KillTile (tile* this)
    // Destroy a tile
        free (this);
    It could be argued that this is unnecessary, but makes the code easier to read elsewhere.
    It mirrors the "CreateTile" function and if I need to add any "destructor" stuff, there is a logical place for it.

    If you want to remove the overhead of calling the function for performance reasons, you could use the inline qualifier, if your compiler supports it.

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    Also, chris1985, I've found that with optimizations small functions such as this are usually inlined in the final program anyway.

    If you're using gcc then the -S switch should output assembly code. Inspection of this code will tell you if the function call is still being made or if it was inlined.

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