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    Error message in .h file

    Here is a piece of code from my lib.h file:

    typedef struct list List;
    extern List *insertList (char *head, List *tail);
    extern List *makeList (FILE *fp);
    extern void printList (List *aList);
    extern List *nospaceList (List *h);
    extern void *wordCompare (List *aList, char *word);
    This worked when I compiled it with gcc in linux. However, when i compiled the same code in Pelles C for windows, it came out with the following errors:
    error #2001: Syntax error; found '*' expecting ')'
    Extraneous old-style parameter list

    these error messages are both for the line, extern List *makeList (FILE *fp);

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    Has stdio.h been included yet - either earlier in lib.h, or before lib.h was included ?
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