Thread: fopen() problems

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    fopen() problems

    I'm using fopen to open a file in my program and I can't get the file to open for reading. Here's what I'm doing

     	if((*fp_in = fopen(filename_in, "r")) == NULL)
    	// display error message
    	printf("\nERROR: Input file not opened\n");
    	// abort
    filename_in is defined to "test_data.txt"
    This little snippet should open the file and test whether or not it was opened. since *fp_in is returned null, I get the "input file not opened" message. Where does the test_data.txt file need to be in order for this to work? i.e. same directory as source file or what? Thanks!

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    The first place it probably looks is the current directory.

    If you're running this in the debugger, you can usually set what the current directory will be, as far as the program is concerned.
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    Got it to work. Thanks

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