Thread: Change of base program

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    Change of base program

    Hey guys im working on this change of base program and having a little problem with the algorithm needed to do so. This program converts a base 10 number to a balanced base 3. Thats when the digits are 1,0,-1, unlike the normal base where they are 2,1, and 0. I was told it would have to be done by doing the least significat digit first . I cant ever figure out how to do it going backwords on paper Any ideas would be great.


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    I wanted to help you, but I'm very ignorant of what you need. I wanted to research it, but I failed. What exactly does balanced base 3? I never heard of the term balanced before. And why do would anyone need a balanced number system?

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    I know its crazy. Its impossible to find an info on it. I think I have the problem figured out though.

    Thanks for the help

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