Thread: confusion of hashtab and linked list

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    confusion of hashtab and linked list

       struct nlist *lookup(char *);
       char *strdup(char *);
       /* install:  put (name, defn) in hashtab */
       struct nlist *install(char *name, char *defn)
           struct nlist *np;
           unsigned hashval;
           if ((np = lookup(name)) == NULL) { /* not found */
               np = (struct nlist *) malloc(sizeof(*np));
               if (np == NULL || (np->name = strdup(name)) == NULL)
                   return NULL;
               hashval = hash(name);
               np->next = hashtab[hashval];  /*******************/
               hashtab[hashval] = np;
           } else       /* already there */
               free((void *) np->defn);   /*free previous defn */
           if ((np->defn = strdup(defn)) == NULL)
               return NULL;
           return np;
    Please look at the line with comment of many stars.

    In my understanding, np->next should point to the address of next structure in the linked list. Why here does it point back to the hashtab? I read this code again and again, but just can't understand it.

    It's an example in K&R "The C Programming Language", 6.6, Table Lookup.

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    I've figured out it. I misunderstood the expression.

    It says, if hashtab[hashval] has a value already, np->next will be assigned with that value.
    if hashtab[hashval] doesn't has a value, np->next will be assigned as NULL.

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    NULL is a value.
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    Hey, I too got confuse...
    But I think that it might be like this:

    /* the 'next' struct is pointed to 'hashtab[hashval]' */
    np->next = hashtab[hashval];

    /* 'hashtab[hashval] = np;' points to a new struct which is next in the list due to the pervious line*/
    hashtab[hashval] = np;

    If its wrong, pls correct me, I too want to know how it work.
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