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    Question Floats

    I have a value assigned to a variable called x (float) of 12.56.
    I have another int variable called y. If I want to output 12 (from the 12.56) i can do:

    y = x;
    printf("%d", y); /*truncates the 12.56 and out puts 12 only*/

    Any ideas how I just output the .56 of the 12.56??

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    Here is a sample of what you could do:
    #include <stdio.h> 
    int main() 
        float x = 12.56f;
        int y;
        y = (int)x;
        printf("%d plus %.2f equals %.2f\n", y, (x - y), x);
        /* %.2f will display float values with decimal precision of 2. */
        return 0;
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    float Var=12.56;
    printf("%f", Var-(float)((int)Var) );

    I just made that up, not sure if it works however. This is what it does:

    (int)Var //12.56 --> 12

    (float)(...) //(int)12 --> (float)12

    Var - (...) //12.56 - 12 --> 0.56

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