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    Assingnment problem

    AIf who have write the program is like below: please send to me for reference:

    This assignment requires to develop a telephone report system. You might live in a house where there are a number of people using the phone. When the phone bill comes I include all calls from that one person- that is ,you want to be able to tell each person how much they owe for the phone bill.As a resonable approximaion if you can provide a report that gives a otal for each distinct phone nmber called then each person can pay for their designated number.[This assumes that no person rings someone else s designatd number.]

    The requirements for the telephone report program will:
    1. Enter all the bill lines(store them in an array of records),which come in ascending order of date and time of call. Each bill line include the year, day of month, month name,day of week, start time of call, the number called and the cost,
    For example

    2000 14 Jan Tue 08:30 PM 0738463697 0.25

    Report the line number (and ignore that line) if it is not in the expected format.

    2 . Sor all the bill lines (array of records) into ascending order of telephone number . This will mean that all calls to the same number will be together.

    3 Now produce the report.For each distinct phone number produce a summary bill line which gives the hone number ,total cost of all calls to that phone number, the first date (in the bill) that number was called, the last date that that number was called, the earliest time of day (on any date) that that number was called, and the latest time of day ( on any date) that that number was calle .

    For example

    0738463697 23 call $ 5.75 frm 07 Jan 2000 to 30 Mar 2000 from 11:19 am to 8.30 PM

    4 . Give a grand total cost of the bill ,the first date and the last date and the last date that any number was
    called. This can be used to check against the bill to help verify all calls have been processed.

    For example

    All number 262 calls $65.50 from 03 Jan 2000 to 5 Apr 2000 from 11:19 am to 8:52 PM


    All data (apart from the cost of each call, which will need to be totaled : ad apart from the month name) can be treated as string and compared with strcmp.

    All the data key in by the user

    This is can use C++ ,this can include searching ,sorting ,recurcive method.

    While this is a straightforward problem the requirement may not give you all of the information you need when considering exactly what your program should do. In this time case , you will fill the role of the client. You will be clarifying any finer points of the requirement yourself .All do what you like to the program ,and must have above basic requirement.

    Due date 30.9.2001

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    What do you have so far?


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