Thread: printing the output its urgent

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    Question printing the output its urgent

    the exat problem is like this
    i wrote a program
    the output gives some numbers which are to be noted
    now what i would like to do is
    allow the person who uses this program to take a printout
    of the output
    at the click of a button in the output screen itself

    for doing this
    i need the c code to be written in the program
    i could find it in help menu

    please kindly help me
    as this is a top most urgent work to be completed

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    Go read the FAQ. Nobody will do your work for you. You haven't told us what OS, or posted any code. Nobody could help you unless you put some more thought into your question.
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    :cough: homework :cough;

    dont be so damn lazy.

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    What makes you think that a second thread with the same question will fare any better than the first? Ask a good question and you'll get a good answer.
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    "Don't flag your question as "Urgent", even if it is for you. Claiming urgency is very likely to be counter-productive."- Stack overflow

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    > at the click of a button in the output screen itself
    Can we assume that this is a win32 GUI program (which should have been placed on the windows board), and that you already know how to draw a button on screen with the word "Print..." in it?

    It's not like a search of the board for "print" comes up with 0 results or anything.

    As Azuth says, we need your OS/Compiler/Some example of how this will fit together in order to have any meaningful attempt at replying.

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    Here's a novel idea: Every time you display any output, write it to a temporary file at the same time. If they decide they want a "print out", rename the temporary file to something they pick. If they don't, delete the temporary file.

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