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    I have a problems with converting strings to number,
    for example,
    one thousand nine hundred eighty three -->> 1983

    I have thought for a long long time, but couldn't think of how to do the coversion.

    At the begining, I want to assign each number, i.e. one, two, three...ten, an array like a1[] = "one", a2[] = "two"......
    that more than 10 arrays will be needed. The main problem is that I can't extract "one" in the string of words to compare. I really get stuck now, please help me. thx!!

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    I wrote something like that.....

    #include "stdio.h"
    #include "string.h"

    #define MAXLINESIZE 1001
    #define MAXWORDSIZE 50
    #define MAXWORDNUMBER 20

    void main()
    int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0, chr;

    printf( "Enter Value : " );

    /* This part is to split all words and assign each word to an array orderly */

    for( k = 0; (k < MAXLINESIZE) && ((chr = getchar()) != EOF)
    && (chr != ' '); k++ ) {

    if (chr != ' ') {
    words[i][j] = (char) chr;
    words[i][j] = null terminate; /* I cannot type null terminate */
    else {
    words[i][j] = null terminate; /* I cannot type null terminate */

    j = 0;

    /* At this moment 'i' is the upper value of array 'words'.
    In other words, 'i+1' is the total no. of words you input. */

    for (k = 0; k < i + 1; k++){
    printf("%s ", words[k]);

    /* wirte the conversion program */



    but I couldn't complie it... is there any errors? Pls point out for me....
    thx a lot.......

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    If it doesn't compile, then yes, there are errors. If you pay attention to your compiler, it actually tells you what they are.

    > void main()

    This is right for your usage:

    int main( void )

    > if (chr != ' ') {

    This will never execute because you've specified that if 'chr' is a space, then the loop will exit.

    A null terminator is the value of zero. Commonly already defined as the word NULL.


    char *string = NULL;

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