Thread: question on binary tree

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    Lightbulb question on binary tree

    I needed to print out the left and right child pointer but I dont know how could someone help?

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    Your question could be interpreted several ways. Do you want to just print the value of the pointers?
    printf("%p -- %p\n", (void *)root->left, (void *)root->right);
    Or do you want to print the contents of each node?
    if (node->left != NULL)
    if (node->right != NULL)
    Or do you really want an inorder traversal?
    void traverse(node *root, void (*action)(node *p))
      if (root == NULL)
      traverse(root->left, action);
      traverse(root->right, action);
    It's best to be as detailed as possible when asking a question. That way you can get an answer as quickly as possible.
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