Thread: Converting Miracle C to Dev-C++

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    Converting Miracle C to Dev-C++

    I have a program using Miracle C program that I am converting to Dev_C++ and I am getting errors of "stray'\240" in program in several places, but can't find any explanation of errors with this compiler. Any idea what this error means, or should I include a program listing before going any further?

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    Do you have nonstandard text such as in your source code?
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    No..just standard text..nothing out of the ordinary.

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    Use a different text editor.
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    Isnt Miracle C non standard?

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    I wouldn't be surprized... the name sounds a little fishy. It sounds like all those different version of BASIC that are out there.

    You could try posting some of the code you're having troubles with and see if we can give a more human response.

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    > Isnt Miracle C non standard?
    Even Borland Turbo C is more standard than that joke software.

    For a start, it only has 7 of the 16 include files required by even ANSI-C89, and the contents of those are short by a long way, plus 2 others (dev-c++ has 480 header files and all of the ANSI-C headers, and that's free software).

    As the answer to a homework question "write a compiler", it's pretty good, and would make good background reading to a compiler writing tutorial.

    But to then ask $$$ for it (nagware?) as a credible software development tool, that's the joke.

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